Ufone SIM Details Finder Online

It is very easy to forget the essential details of your newly bought sim card. The first thing that arises in your mind is about how to check the details of your newly-bought sim. However, in this article we have covered several ways to help you find the details of your Ufone sim.

Ufone SIM Details Finder Online

Ufone is one of the most leading and popular mobile network providers in the area of Pakistan. It has been due to their exceptional services and extensive coverage over a wide area of Pakistan. It has become a popular choice for the SIM owners of Pakistan. Moreover, convenient customer support is the key highlight of Ufone service provider. Ufone provides an easy method through which their customers can access their SIM card details online.

 Methods on How To Check Your Ufone SIM details online

We have shared quite an easy and convenient method in this article which will surely help you in getting details of your sim card. This can be done through three methods:

  •       By running a USSD code.
  •       By installing an official application.
  •       Through a customer care.

 By Running a USSD code

  •       Firstly, open a dial pad on your phone.
  •       Dial *780*3# code on your dial pad and click the yes button.
  •       After a few minutes of processing, the details will be displayed on your screen showing the name and number.

By Installing an official application

This is one of the least methods used for checking the sim details due to the cost that has been incorporated with it. This is a paid method and includes a minimal cost for using this method.

Here are the steps involved:

  •       Open the messaging application on your mobile
  •       Compose a new message as MNP and send it to 667.
  •       You will receive the message from the service. The message will incorporate all the necessary details such as Ufone sim number, activation date, owner name and address of the owner.

 Note: This method will attract the standard charges which are applicable as per the industry.

Through Customer Care

This is one of the most reliable methods used for getting Ufone sim details online.

Here are the steps involved:

You must first use the 333 helpline number. Click on the “Speak with a customer representative” option. The customer service agent will inquire about certain things, like your name and CNIC information. IMSI and national computerised numbers To speak with a customer agent, you must pay service fees.

 How To Check the Ufone Number Owner?

  •       Open the messaging application on your mobile.
  •       Type the message as ‘MNP’ and send it to 667.
  •       After that, you will receive a message containing all the details.
  •       The details such as CNIC, owner’s name, date of activation and many more are included in the respective message.


We have successfully incorporated all the necessary information in this article which will surely help you in finding Ufone sim details online. Any technique can be used for locating your SIM number. Anytime can be a change to the aforementioned codes and processes. because the business is always evolving and changing

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