SCOM SIM Details Ownership Checker

SCOM is one of the most widespread mobile network providers in the area of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. It was originally launched in 2004 with the name of SCOM. It majorly provides its services in more than 450 cities covering urban and rural regions.

SCOM has become a popular name amongst mobile users because of its lowest call rates, attractive packages, nationwide roaming facility and GPRS services. It is one of the most advanced networks that is available in the area of Pakistan.

This is one of the most simplified guides for the person who is searching ways for to check ownership details of SCOM sim cards.

How To Check SCOM sim ownership details?

SCOM sim offers the service of checking your number and owner name, however, it is still not known by many users due to lack of unawareness. But those who know, they know how to check the ownership details regarding SCOM sim.

 You check ownership details about the SCOM sim in three official ways. These methods are:

  •       By using USSD code.
  •       By calling customer care.
  •       By using the official application available on the playstore and other platforms.

 By Using USSD Code

It is one of the most common methods that is involved in finding the SCOM number. It is essential to understand that there are a variety of codes that are available on the internet regarding finding the SCOM number, however, some are old and some are not working. It is essential to check the latest updates regarding codes in order to get the right code. The steps includes are:

  •       Dial *121# from your authorised sim number and you will get a menu of lists with a variety of options. Select the option “My number” Or “Check my number”.
  •       Alternative way is to send an SMS to 141 with the text as “Number” (Avoid using quotes). You will receive a SCOM number through the message.
  •       Lastly, you can also check by dialling *222# and then pressing the call button. You will get your number details shown on the screen.

Using Application

This is one of the least used methods for checking your SCOM phone number. SCOM has already launched their official application on the google play store. Just simply login to the app by filling your essential details. If you are a new user, just create your account by clicking on the “My account” option. Congrats, your SCOM number would be Your SCOM number displayed on the screen.

 Using Customer Care Number

This is also one of the most commonly used methods for checking your SCOM phone number. Give a call to the customer service number at 111-726-726. Tell them your query and that you need to know your S Com SIM number as soon as you get connected. Verify your details such as your full name, address, birthdate, or any other information related to your S Com account. After successful verification, the agent will provide your SCOM number.


1. Is it legal to check the ownership details of an SCOM SIM online?

Yes, as long as you follow the legal procedures and respect privacy laws.

2. Are there any charges for using SMS services to check SIM ownership details?

Yes, there might be a nominal charge for this service.

3. Can I use third-party apps to check SIM ownership details?

While you can, it’s important to consider the reliability and security of these apps.

4. What should I do if the information provided is incorrect?

Contact SCOM customer support for assistance.

5. How long does it take to receive ownership details through SMS?

The information is usually provided within a few minutes

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