Cnic Number Check

In this article, we have tried to incorporate all the necessary information about your CNIC number, in case you were curious. First, let us explain what CNIC is and why it is necessary. When an adult in Pakistan reaches the age of 18, they are required to apply for a Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC). Every Pakistani citizen receives one of these CNICs from the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

CNIC Number Check

CNIC is a type of card just as an Aadhar Card which identifies an individual as a citizen of Pakistan. NADRA is an institution that registers the details and issues the 13-digit number at birth to an individual when parents register their child first in a database.

CNIC Number Check

 It used to be an old manual card before the computerization of the CNIC cards. It is necessary to be a holder of a CNIC card to avail the benefits of government schemes.

 Why Is It Compulsory?

There is the following list of activities which can only be done after possessing a CNIC card. These are:

  •       For casting your vote.
  •       For opening an account in a bank.
  •       For applying for Pakistani Passport.
  •       For obtaining a driving licence.
  •       To get a mobile sim card.
  •       For purchasing any vehicle or land.

NADRA has made it compulsory for the citizens of Pakistan to obtain a CNIC card in order to get enrolled into the schemes of the government and to perform certain activities which can only be performed by a citizen of Pakistan. It is just similar to an Aadhaar Card which is a type of identity card for a citizen of India.

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 How To Check Your CNIC Number?

There are very easy and simple methods involved in checking your CNIC number. You must have a valid CNIC to purchase a SIM card, and you may locate your CNIC number by looking up the details of your mobile sim card. 

Let’s have a look at the steps which are involved in checking your CNIC number:

  •       Firstly, open a messaging application on your mobile.
  •       Then, send an empty message to a 667 number.
  •       After sending an empty message, you will receive a message carrying all the details of your sim number.
  •       In that message, you will find your CNIC Number.

 Note: If sending an empty message doesn’t work in your case, you can just simply send a random message to 667.

Users of Ufone can also obtain the details of a mobile number by using the USSD code. Enter *336#, followed by type 1. Information regarding your registered number will be sent to you. If Telenor subscribers would like to verify their CNIC number, they can do so by sending a blank message to 7751.


Finally, you can use your mobile phone to check your CNIC number using any of these methods. The computerised national identity card status checker is another online tool offered by NADRA. You can also make use of that. However, the approaches listed above are the most effective if you wish to verify it with your phone.


1. Is it legal to check a CNIC number online?

Yes, as long as you follow the legal procedures and respect privacy laws.

2. Are there any charges for using SMS services to check CNIC details?

Yes, there might be a nominal charge for this service.

3. Can I use third-party apps to check CNIC details?

While you can, it’s important to consider the reliability and security of these apps.

4. What should I do if the information provided is incorrect?

Contact NADRA customer support for assistance.

5. How long does it take to receive CNIC verification details through SMS?

The information is usually provided within a few minutes.

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